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Attacking Soccer Academy Week-Long Team Camps

The success of your team’s fall season depends largely on your pre-season preparation. Get ahead of the competition with a customized pre-season team camp professionally staffed by Attacking Soccer Academy!


Team managers can choose the areas that they would like their trainer to concentrate on by consulting with our Nationally licensed staff. Your ASA trainer will work closely with you to ensure that the summer team camp is specialized to the individual needs of your team. We are confident that the quality of this team camp will meet and exceed players and coaches expectations.

Why Choose an ASA TEAM CAMP?

Get A Head Start:
An ASA pre-season camp is the perfect way to get a head start on the competition. Players now have more access to off-season practice than ever before.

ASA can equip you with the tools to understand and implement your own preparation. You will leave our ASA team camp knowing the importance of everything from mental preparation to proper warm-ups and how to ensure that you are getting the most from your players.

Team Building and Integration:
At an ASA Team Camp we will ensure that new players to a team are integrated quickly and effectively. Your team will build invaluable chemistry on and off the field during our week long camp that will translate into success down the road.

Know Your Game:
ASA trainers will take time to analyze your team's play and consult with you to ensure you can improve on areas of weakness.


Cost:  $150 per player ( minimum of 12 players )
How to book a Team Camp

1. Pick your preferred week in August
2. Refer another team to train the same week for our best rates

3. Contact your team trainer or call us to discuss you team needs and goals

4. ASA will set up online registration for your team

5. Get ahead of the competition!


Team Camp Specialist:

Gary Nemeth

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