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In the case of an emergency during any Attacking Soccer Academy training sessions, games or events, the following steps must be followed:


      You must provide:

          a. Your name

          b. Location of the injured athlete (location addresses listed below)

          c. Number of individuals injured

          d. Condition of the athlete(s)

                - conscious or unconscious

                - is he/she breathing?

                - has severe bleeding?

                - in shock?

                - heat illness?

          e. First aid treatment provided

                - splinting?

                - wound care?

                - cpr/aed?

                - ice tub?

          f. Any other information requested by the dispatcher

Sample EMS Call

"My name is (your name) and I am calling from the soccer field at (location and address). We have (number of individuals injured) athlete(s) who need immediate medical attention. The athlete is (condition of athlete) . I am cpr certified and have
provided (first aid care) . The athlete(s) is located on (specific location or directions)."

2. Designate an adult to send to the field entrance in order to flag for EMS and direct them to the patient.

3. If you are not CPR certified, send an adult to search for a qualified health professional while rescue help is on the way

   (athletic trainer, doctor, nurse, emt, fire-fighter, police officer, cpr certified coach or adult)

4. Keep other players a safe distance away from the injured athlete and make sure all activities on the field are stopped until the player has been safely removed.

5. Fill out an accident report and report the incident to Gary Nemeth at

ASA Field Locations

ASA Facility - 324 Jayne Blvd. Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Terryville Elementary School - 401 Terryville Road, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Venetian Shores Park - 850 Venetian Blvd, Lindenhurst NY 11757

Shore Road Park - 65 Shore Road, Lindenhurst NY 11757

Bower Elementary School - 315 W. Montauk Hwy, Lindenhurst NY 11757

Lindenhurst Middle School - 350 S. Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst NY 11757

Van Bourgondien Park - 621 Albin Ave, West Babylon NY 11704

West Babylon JHS - 200 Old Farmingdale Rd, West Babylon NY 11704

Belmont Elementary School - 108 Barnum Street, West Babylon NY 11704

Parliament Place Elementary School - 80 Parliament Place, North Babylon NY 11703

Anchorage Yacht Club - 410 E. Shore Road , Lindenhurst NY 11757

Bosti Elementary School - 50 Bourne Blvd, Bohemia NY 11716


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